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Click here to listen to an interview with SAATHII founder Dr. Sai Subhasree Raghavan on Chicago Public Radio, June 02, 2006.

SAATHII USA is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization
whose mission is to strengthen and expand HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment services throughout India.

Today, an estimated 2.5 million Indians are infected with HIV/AIDS, making India next in the world to South Africa in number of HIV cases. India accounts for 10% of the global epidemic and 65% of that in South and Southeast Asia. The epidemic, which began among high-risk groups, is now spreading rapidly amongst the general population and is particularly affecting the most productive age group of society. The epidemic is in its early phase, but just a small percentage increase can have detrimental health and socio-economic consequences in a nation of over one billion people. There is a real urgency for us to make a difference in India’s fight against HIV/AIDS.

Click here to read more about the epidemic in India

Make a difference in the fight against HIV/AIDS!

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NEWS & Events

India HIV/AIDS Online Resource Center - This new SAATHII web portal serves as a clearinghouse of information on HIV/AIDS in India with e-forums, e-support, e-library and e-training.

An Interview with Prasanthi Gandhi, Director SAATHII USA - The DesiConnect May 2, 2006

May 31, 2006 - SAATHII and UNGASS 2006 in New York: Join Us for a Panel Discussion on HIV/AIDS in India with India Delegation and a March through the streets of New York. To get involved, email

August 13-18, 2006 - Saathii and International AIDS Conference in Toronto. To get involved, please contact

Event Donation - For the 2nd year in succession, SAATHII USA receives $1500 in Diwali proceeds from Washington University, St. Louis.


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