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All volunteers support SAATHII USA in bridging resources from the USA to aid efforts at the frontlines of the HIV/AIDS fight in India. Volunteers either work together through local and national networks or individually on specific assigned projects. Tasks vary from awareness raising and advocacy to fundraising and program/project support. Our organization’s current group of volunteers is given below:

Nationwide Network

The Nationwide Network of Volunteers serves to support national efforts for awareness-raising, advocacy and fundraising and as a resource for local networks to communicate, learn from each other and collaborate.

  • Rachna Desai
  • Aditi Hazra
  • Nina Patel
  • Meghna Ranganathan
  • Neha Vohra
  • Vidya Venkataraman

Local Networks

Local Networks of Volunteers coordinate local awareness-raising, advocacy and/or fundraising events and activities with the support of local advisors and Board members and a nationwide network of volunteers.

  • Chicago
    • Shea Anderson, Fundraising Co-Chair
    • Kumar Ilangovan, Membership Development Chair
    • Kiran Joshi, Community Outreach Chair
    • Shivani Kamdar
    • Nina Patel, Secretary and National Network Liaison [LINK]
    • Ayesha Pergadia
    • Andrew Trotter, Technical Chair
    • Sylivia Ueltcheva, Fundraising Co-Chair
    • Ann Verghese
    • Praveen Karratil
    • Rema Cherian
    • Jacqueline Dias
  • New York
    • Reena Agarwal
    • Noopur Batsha
    • Kavitha Das
    • Shobita Das
    • Kishore Gangwani
    • Monica Katyal
    • Jayasree Nandiwada
    • Rani Nandiwada
    • Shaila Parikh
    • Shefali Parikh
    • Meghna Ranganathan [LINK]
    • Bharath Sathya
    • Bhavani Sathya
    • Sashi Venkatesan
    • Shefali Parikh
    • Sarah Dolgonos
    • Vikram Anand
    • Lauren Fiel
    • Nithya Gopal
    • Michelle Napoli
  • Los Angeles
    • Rachna Desai
    • Stephanie Moses
    • Zahabia

Project-Specific Volunteers

Project-Specific Volunteers engage in individual projects from their own home, including grant-writing and review, website development, program management, marketing and communications, and documentation and reporting.

  • Maneesh Gandhi – Accounting and Finance
  • Jaya Suresh – Web Development
  • Upal Roy – Drug Donation
  • Sima Shah – Video Development
  • Vidya Venkataraman – Video Development

SAATHII USA welcomes you to become a part of our growing network of young professionals dedicated to making a difference in the field of HIV/AIDS in India. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please send an email to


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