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Nikhil Kapoor is the all round state swimming champion of Goa . His father, Navin Kapoor has brought him up to be a sportsman and is a proud father. His mother, Anita Rosario Kapoor dotes on him and his elder sister, Anamika, whom he calls Anu, is more of a friend to him. It is the picture of a perfect happy family.

Handsome, jovial and charming, he is the idol of his peers and his friends love him. But all this changes one fine morning.

Nikhil finds out he is HIV positive, he loses his job, his friends and his family. He is forced to face stigma and discrimination at a time when little was known about AIDS, with only his sister and his lover by his side.

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News: My Brother Nikhil…goes to Calcutta . Read more about an exclusive screening of My Brother Nikhil followed by a panel discussion with film cast and crew organized in Calcutta by SAATHII, West Bengal State AIDS Prevention and Control Society and Heroes Project, Mumbai.

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