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Tamil Nadu Family Care Continuum (TNFCC) Program, Tamil Nadu
Funded by the Child Investment Fund Foundation , UK

The purpose of the TNFCC Program is to provide a comprehensive range of HIV/AIDS care, support and treatment services that will expand antiretroviral treatment to 1000 parents/family members and care and support (including nutrition support) to 4000 parents/family members of HIV infected and affected children to prevent children being orphaned in the State of Tamil Nadu . The program is being implemented through existing government services in Chennai, Salem and Tirunelvelli in equal partnership with NGOs, CBOs and Positive Networks and will cater to families from respective surrounding districts.

For more information on this program, please click here. [Link]

Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) Program
Funded by Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, USA

The purpose of this PMTCT program is to expand PMTCT services at 66 healthcare delivery sites in the four high prevalent states of Maharashtra , Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka . PMTCT scale-up is being done through 6 active projects by the following large organizations - Prayas, ASHA Kirana Trust, Freedom Foundation, ASHA Foundation and MGR Medical University .

For more information on program impact, please click here. [Link]

AIDS Orphan Community Care Program, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu
Funded by Johnson and Johnson , USA

The purpose of the AIDS Orphan Community Care Program is to strengthen and expand service delivery of civil society organizations that care and support children affected by HIV/AIDS in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. The program focuses on two major strategies:

  • Ensure access for children orphaned by HIV/AIDS to essential services.
  • Strengthen capacity of families to care and support children orphaned by HIV/AIDS by providing economic, psychosocial and other support.

For more information on this program, please click here.

GLBT and PLWHA Initiative, West Bengal
Funded by Elton John AIDS Foundation, UK

[To be provided.]

District Level Planning Initiative, Tamil Nadu
Funded by Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society

[To be provided.]

Volunteer Placement Program , International and National
Funded by Individual Donations

The purpose of this program is to build capacity of non-governmental organizations throughout India by encouraging people from within India and around the world to participate in India 's fight against HIV/AIDS. The program serves to inspire service and civic responsibility, educate on India and its development, and build leadership and public health skills amongst volunteers, while strengthening and expanding HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment services in India.

For more information on this program, please click here. [Link]

Online Resource Center (ORC) Initiative, International and National
Funded by Asian Media Communication and Information Centre, Singapore

The purpose of this initiative is to strengthen the response to HIV/AIDS in India through the application of information communications technology (ICT). The current ORC serves as an information and resource tool to build capacity of service-providing organizations.

Developments are underway to expand the ORC so it will be further used to train on various issues of HIV/AIDS, facilitate best-practice sharing and collaborations and provide tailored support aimed at enabling access to specific technical resources and resource persons.

To visit our current ORC, please click here.

HIV/AIDS Service Directory Project, National
Funded by John M. Lloyd Foundation, USA

The purpose of this project is to publish a second edition of the HIV/AIDS Service Directory, which will contain a more up-to-date and expanded record of HIV/AIDS services by state/district, type of services and target populations. The directory will continue to assist people living with HIV to access health care in their geographical region; assist general population in having access to HIV prevention information; facilitate in building partnerships among different NGOs/CBOs; help international donors and collaborators in identifying promising programs; and identify gaps in HIV/AIDS services in various geographical regions. This second edition will be available in 2006.

Arts and Media Initiative, West Bengal

[To be provided.]

Arts and Sports Initiative , USA

The purpose of this initiative is to raise awareness, reduce stigma and mobilize action through arts and sports amongst Indian Americans and others in the U.S. community for HIV/AIDS in India .

For more information on upcoming events, please click here. [Link]

Electronic Listserv

The purpose of the listserv is to disseminate information on a daily basis on India-specific news, current advances in science, national and international conferences, training and funding announcements, and bulletins that merit political action. Members include NGOs, PLWHA, community networks, government officials, healthcare and social service providers, scientists, funders, policy makers and activists.

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