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About Us > Staff and Structure:

SAATHII was founded in February 2000. SAATHII is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization in the U.S.A . with EIN number 02-0579885 and a registered Charitable Trust (Registration # 637, dated August 2002) with the Sub-Registrar of Charities, in Chennai , India . The main office for SAATHII in the USA is located in Chicago, IL and the main offices for SAATHII in India are located in Chennai, Calcutta, and Hyderabad.


Founder and President, SAATHII



Board of Directors, SAATHII USA

Trustees, SAATHII India

Founder and President, SAATHII

Dr. Subhasree Raghavan is the Founder and President of SAATHII. She grew up with three brothers in a small rural village of Andhra Pradesh . She received a PhD in Human Nutrition in Mumbai and a post doctorate at Columbia University . She has worked extensively on various issues related to HIV prevention, care, support and treatment over the last 10 years. She also served as faculty at the Joseph Mailman School of Public Health and the Department of Medicine at Columbia University and as a clinician at Harlem Hospital in New York.


Prasanthi Gandhi who manages SAATHII USA is responsible for leading the HIV/AIDS Orphan Community Care Program and Volunteer Placement Program, organizing awareness-raising and advocacy events and activities across the country, raising funds for HIV/AIDS in India through grants and individual donors, and managing teams of volunteers and community leaders. Previously, Prasanthi worked on HIV/AIDS and other children’s issues with UNICEF in New York. She has a B.A. from Washington University in St. Louis and a Master’s in Public Health from Columbia University.

SAATHII USA works with the support of several volunteers around the country to bridge resources from the USA to impact the HIV/AIDS fight in India. Volunteers either work together through local and national networks or individually on specific assigned projects.

  • The Nationwide Network of Volunteers serves to support national efforts for awareness-raising, advocacy and fundraising and as a resource for local networks to communicate, learn from each other and collaborate.
  • Local Networks of Volunteers coordinate local awareness-raising, advocacy and/or fundraising events and activities with the support of local advisors and Board members and a nationwide network of volunteers.
  • Project-Specific Volunteers engage in individual projects from their own home, including grant-writing and review, website development, program management, marketing and communications, and documentation and reporting.

For more information on SAATHII USA volunteers, please visit our volunteers.



Mr. Pawan Dhall, Country Director - Programs and Development

Anupam Hazra, PLWHA Project Coordinator

Moutushi Choudhury, Training Coordinator - LGBT Issues

Santanu Pyne, Finance Officer

Suprio Chatterjee, WBSAPCS Project Coordinator

Rohit Sarkar, Mapping Project Assistant

Rupa Basu. Library Assistant

Subhajit Pakira, Administration in-charge

Amitava Sarkar, General Assistant

Subhadip Roy, Accounts Assistant

Jahangir Khan, Administration Assistant


Dr. L Ramakrishnan, Country Director - Programs and Research

S. Alwin, Training Coordinator - Family Care Continuum Program

Jacob Boopalan , Webmaster - ICT Project

Rufus HK George, Coordinator - Volunteer Placement

Dr. Sathish Kumar, Program Manager - Family Care Continuum Program

Dr. Aiswarya Rajyalaxmi, Program Manager - Family Care Continuum Program

Bilson Joseph, Administration Manager

Karpagam Kalyani, Administrative Officer

Saravanamurthy PS, Program Consultant - District-Level Planning

L. Vijayalakshmi, Program Consultant - District-Level Planning

Leo J. Sengo, Program Consultant- District-Level Planning


K. Kaveeshar, Program Manager, AIDS Orphan Community Care Program

Uppalapati Bala Saraswathi, Senior Program Coordinator , AIDS Orphan Community Care Program

Madhavi Kala, Administrative Officer, AIDS Orphan Community Care Program

G. Swarupa , Office Assistant, AIDS Orphan Community Care Program.

Board of Directors, SAATHII USA

Dr. Subhasree Raghavan

Dr. Arthur Ammann , President, Global Strategies for HIV Prevention

Ms. Rachel Yasskey

Mr. Amit Bouri

Trustees, SAATHII India

Dr. Subhasree Raghavan

Mr. M.R. Ranganathan

Mr. Owais Khan


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