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Why HIV/AIDS needs your support? Today, an estimated 5.1 million Indians are infected with HIV/AIDS, making India second in the world to South Africa in number of HIV cases. India accounts for 10% of the global epidemic and 65% of that in South and Southeast Asia . The epidemic, which began among high-risk groups, is now spreading rapidly amongst the general population and is particularly affecting the most productive age group of society. The epidemic is in its early phase, but just a small percentage increase can have detrimental health and socio-economic consequences in a nation of over one billion people. There is a real urgency for us to make a difference in India 's fight against HIV/AIDS.  

Who we are? SAATHII was founded in February 2000 and is now a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization in the USA and is registered as a Charitable Trust in India, with offices in Chennai, Calcutta and Hyderabad. SAATHII's mission is to strengthen and expand HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment services throughout India.

What does our Program offer? SAATHII's Volunteer Placement Program addresses the challenge of HIV/AIDS organizations for human resource and technical support by encouraging people from within India and around the world to participate in India's fight against HIV/AIDS. The program serves to inspire service and civic responsibility for the development of India, educate on HIV/AIDS related issues and develop leadership and public health skills. Volunteers work in collaboration with grassroots organizations focusing on HIV/AIDS on projects that are both stimulating for the volunteer and valuable for the organization. The Program has successfully placed many volunteers throughout India and has already helped several organizations at the frontlines of the HIV/AIDS response.

Why Volunteer through SAATHII? SAATHII is one of only a few organizations to leverage the expertise of volunteers to aid grassroots organizations serving HIV/AIDS at-risk and infected populations. SAATHII has solid roots in the HIV/AIDS sector and strong relationships with government, non-government, community-based, UN, faith-based, private sector agencies and positive networks throughout the country.

How it works? SAATHII will work with you in 1) developing a volunteer project of benefit to both you and the grassroots organization, 2) providing orientation and fundraising and training support, and 3) coordinating logistics, placement and follow-up. International volunteers typically spend at least 2 months and up to one-two years in India, while volunteers from India often have more flexible schedules over an extended period of time. All volunteers come from a range of backgrounds including public health, medical, social work, business, IT etc.

How to sign-up? If you are interested in participating in our Volunteer Placement Program, please send an email expressing your interest to .

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